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Default Re: Favorite acts of the trilogy?

Originally Posted by JackWhite View Post
Other highlights for me in TDKR first act:

Bruce's first encounter with Selina.
Bruce and Selina at the masquerade ball.
Bane's raid at the stock exchange.
The shootout at the bar.
Bane's second scene with Gordon underground.
Bruce meeting with Lucius at Wayne Enterprises.
Bruce's scene in the cave when he puts the Brace on.
Bane killing Daggett.
Batman and Catwoman fighting the mercs on the rooftop.

And dare I say it, OK for me; Blake confronting Bruce about being Batman.
You pretty much just named all my favorite scenes from Act 1, haha. Another I'll two I'll add is Bruce and Blake's second meeting and Bruce and Miranda's love scene. I like how they both parallel scenes from BB's first act Bruce/Blake's car scene with Bruce/Alfred's plane scene (Blake/Alfred pick Bruce up, Bruce proceeds to talk about the "point" of his mission), and Bruce/Talia with the Bruce/Ra's campfire scene (Talia/Ra's give Bruce vague glimpses into their pasts near the warm glow of a fire). I love stuff like that.

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