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Default Re: What was Mark Waid's issues with the 1986 retelling?

Some very good posts here explaining a lot of what Byrne did. I have always been a fan of Byrnes Man of Steel.

My favorite Byrne quote is the fact that Clark is the disguise if you are a believer that his life starts the moment he put on his Superman costume. The original 1938 creation, was Clark Kent until he became Superman as an adult. He is the man who was brought up by Pa and Ma Kent.

I have always hated when Superman said "Great Krypton!"...yes really great, ├╗ber-species that managed to blow themselves up.

Its always also funny when people use the argument that Byrne's Man of Steel has been rebooted so many times becouse it was "so bad" and "failed" and whatever. Heck, Waids "Birthright" was rebooted in like 15 minutes, when Byrne's stuff lasted like 15+ years. DC has always rebooted and revamped Supermans origins, they did it before MOS and they have keept doing it.

Heck in the 10 years, we have gotten Birthright, Secret Origin, and now Morrison's run on Action Comics. Using the logic some guys use on Byrnes "failure", then all the other origins must be failures becouse they keep rebooting them too!.

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