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Default Re: The Prequel Trilogy General Discussion and Appreciation Thread

The hate towards the prequels is insane. Never understood the hate. They are part of the story that George created. I have enjoyed each movie. They are supposed to be different from the original trilogy. Yeah they have their links to eachother but are ment to be different. One story but each episode alittle different. Different settings, times, characters, fights etc. I love how fans say Lucas got lazy with the prequels, those people could'nt be more wrong. Lucas gave us new worlds, did things with characters from the original trilogy that he could'nt do with them in that trilogy. He used anakin to show us these new settings, worlds etc. People complain about the acting, really. Did people not watch the original trilogy. It didn't have that great of acting in it. But the acting in both trilogys has acting that is good for the storys that Lucas wants to tell. I don't have a favorite out of the 6 films. People only like empire the most because its so called darker but no darker the revenge of the sith. Jedi gets hate because fans dont want to admit what Lucas has said all along that the series is for familys,kids and young adults. Thats also why phantom menace gets hate. Attack of the clones gets hate because of the love story. And sith only is more liked out of the prequels because its darker like empire.

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