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Default Re: NOW which film is your favourite??

Originally Posted by HitMe View Post
So... at the time of writing there have been exactly 100 votes on this new poll. A large enough sample I think to assess whether the overall opinion at least on these boards has changed much since the film came out. The results for the original poll are as follows:

Batman Begins 18.60 %
The Dark Knight 41.86 %
The Dark knight Rises 39.53 %

and the results for this poll are:

Batman Begins 25 %
The Dark Knight 44 %
The Dark knight Rises 31 %

A slight decrease for The Dark Knight Rises at the expense of slightly more for Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, but nowhere near the level that some were implying would come about when the original voting was underway.

I think it speaks for the strength of this trilogy that all three films are so evenly rated by the fans. Definitely wouldn't see such an even spread for the Raimi Spiderman trilogy, the Matrix trilogy, or even the Godfather trilogy. (That list could go on and on in my opinion by the way). The only other trilogies I see as matching the Dark Knight trilogy's level of quality and consistency are Back to the Future and Toy Story. Not really a big fan of Lord of the Rings but would also include that in terms of not dropping the ball on any of the parts.
The only one I really recall saying TDKR will lose all love from fans was Fudgie.

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