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Default Re: The Natalie Portman/Jane Foster Thread

Originally Posted by Angel View Post
starting at 3:30, he says "certain actors are attached but not committed"
like with the rumours of Natalie being forced back for Thor 2 cause of her contract so maybe they're true? I don't know, it sure looks like it.
He wasn't even talking about Thor at that point. He was specifically asked about what he's doing next and he says he's got some things in the pipline that arean't confirmed yet, then he explains how things generally work with movies. Scripts float around that aren't greenlit yet but have actors or directors "attached but not committed".

You see it often up in the Misc. Films sub-forum, "Actor A attached to film Y", then after several months go by Actor A pulls out or is replaced for whatever reason & the movie gets made with someone else.

Nothing to do with Portman/Thor.

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