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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by Thought Crime View Post
Hello fellow Ock fans (or whatever neologism you've attributed to yourselves).
Ock fans will do. Octavians is a good label, too

I have been out of comics for several years, and I was wondering ... is it worth to read any Spider-Man titles nowadays? I know what the answer would be if Ock was appearing in the comic ... at least I think I do, but, really though, worth it?
Yes, I definitely think so. We've just been discussing how fantastic Superior Spider-Man is. Your best bet is to start with ASM #600 which kick starts the storyline Doc Ock has had for the last three years leading to his current situation now.

A side-note, long ago I was on a quest to collect every comic book that Ock appeared in. I thought I had a good start on it back then, but I'm not sure what the status of the quest is and whether or not I should resume it pending the answer to my original question. Also thought about collection non-comic book appearances. Need a full list of his appearances though, no matter how minor of an appearance.

Hope that helps a bit.

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