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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
I know it may seem ridiculous to you, but to me, yes it is inherently more complex. I just felt seeing Bane depicted as the outcast to Bruce's "favored son" was rich storytelling. If you think of Ra's as a father figure to both of them, it's fascinating that Bruce would reject the father, Bane would be rejected BY the father...and then be on a mission to prove his superiority to both of them. It's just very literary, archetypal stuff that I find emotionally engrossing and interesting.
That's not the theme, nor is it even explored. It's all misdirection.

Alfred: "Who leads the LOS now?"
Bruce: "Ra's Al Ghul was the LOS and I beat him. Bane is just a mercenary"

Bruce: "You were the mercenary. Bane is your child. Your heir"
Ra's: "An heir to ensure the LOS fulfills it's destiny"

Then there was Alfred telling Bruce the rumors surrounding Bane escaping the pit.

Then we learn not only did Bane not escape the pit as we were led to believe, nor is he the son of Ra's, but Talia is the real child and heir of the LOS, and she escaped the pit, and she was the reason they were here to honor her father by completing his work. Bane was just the protector doing it because he loved Talia. His only "crime".

It's not an exact comparison, but I feel the similarity is there. Kraven wants to hunt Spidey to prove he's the best game hunter in the world. Bane storms into Gotham with the intent to break the Batman and show that he's the big boss in town. Mind you, neither of those are bad characterizations, they work. I just think in a movie, it's nice to get something beyond that.
The only similarity is that they both wanted to take down the hero. That's it. Kraven was already a big successful game hunter who had bagged every kind of dangerous animal there was. He just decided to up the ante and target Spider-Man.

Bane had not proved his worth at all when he came to Gotham.

Yeah, but Bane had to have done time on his own as a mercenary. Clearly his appearance in TDKR wasn't his first rodeo.
Yeah Alfred told us that. He was behind some kind of coup in West Africa securing mining operations for John Daggett.

What's your point? He was already set up with the LOS by Talia at this point.

And he might've escaped the pit if he hadn't been so devoted to protecting Talia
Conjecture. You think he just arrived in the pit when Talia's mother was attacked and he just decided to play protector? That he never tried to escape the pit before and failed?

It's a moot point anyway. He never escaped the pit. He never demonstrated he was someone extraordinary like that and an equal to Bruce in any way. Talia was that. She found the strength to escape the pit like Bruce did. Ra's was her father like he was a father figure to Bruce. They were both trained by Ra's. They had both rejected Ra's.

So in a way, the entire story is put into motion due to a simple act of kindness from Bane.
Actually the story was put in motion with Mrs. Al Ghul selflessly taking Ra's place in the pit.

Stealing millions wouldn't be enough to buy them a nuke
How do you know? And what's stopping them from accumulating enough to buy one?

Furthermore they could have stolen a nuke, just like they stole the Microwave emitter from W.E. in Begins.

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