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Default Re: Doc Ock's Lair v2 - Part 1

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
Oh my god, the Castro novels are AMAZING. I cannot urge you enough to buy them. It's a trilogy of novels based on the Sinister Six.

I guarantee you that you will be hooked on them. They're some of the best Spidey stories I've ever read. Bar none. All the characterizations are spot on. Especially Doc Ock. He's brilliant in them.
I will definitely look into it. There is some other non-comics Ock story that I came across on Amazon. I believe it was a novel. I remember reading a review of it but haven't came across it since. Should've bookmarked it because I don't even know what to query to look for it.

Well that depends on your preference. Do you prefer print or virtual? Of course the print versions of the older comics can be very costly. So that's something else to consider.
If I go back to buying the printed format, that would mean I would have to make nice with the comic book store owner with whom I developed a friendship with, but soon became unhappy with me because of my buying decisions. I spent more monies there in a month than some did in a year in buying comics and other things, too. But, I reneged on the contract that everyone must sign when signing up for a pull list. And sometimes, I didn't even get the right issues. They expect 100% loyalty from me, yet I can't say word about the errors they sometimes made. Ugh ...

I have a device that has the Comixology app to get the virtual issues; however, I'd like to upgrade the hardware. And I did say to myself that I would quit buying newer comics in print form, and only buy vintage issues in print form. Decisions, decisions ... Have to make my buying decisions issue-by-issue, I guess.

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