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Default Re: Official Superman Returns Discussion

There are isolated elements of this film I really like. For example, the scaled, mock up destruction of Metropolis, very expressionistic. The saving of the airline/Lois Lane is another. Great action scene. The scene where Lois and Supes float over Metropolis, a darker, more contemplative, and dare I say mature version of the scene from Superman the Movie. I also loved the stretch of film from Superman falling after getting rid of the island to the aftermath of the doctors (trying) to operate on him. The sound design and visuals are, again, very atypical of what you would see of summer movies, let alone a comic book film. Last but not least, the abandoned voyage to Krypton. Again, Singer delivers a scene of pure subdued cinematic expression. Artistic touches like that is what sets this film apart from hackjobs like X-men 3, Wolverine and Green Lantern. Like Ang Lee's Hulk, it was a cinematically interesting film, (this film aesthetically and Lee's Hulk in how it tackled the character's psychology) even if it didn't succeed as a crowd pleaser. And I would always take interesting failures over mediocre successes, always.

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