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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

I once heard from an inside source (connected to a friend, I live in LA and work in the industry by the way), that Wasp would be in The Avengers. She was seen in storyboards by this inside source when he visited Marvel Studios. I reported it and was eventually proven wrong when Wasp wasn't in the movie. Do I think the source was wrong? No. We know Whedon wanted to use her. They probably had her in some storyboards, since action scenes are now planned before scripts are even finished. Whedon admitted they nixed her from the screenplay. I did learn from this experience, though. I'm not passing on any other inside info I get. Not because I was wrong or was admonished by anyone. I just don't want to unintentionally mislead people and upset them when things turn out differently. A lot of changes can happen to a film throughout its lifespan, so some insider info can easily turn out to be wrong once a film is finally released.

This said, Loki is not trustworthy. He's not just speculating. He is acting like he knows insider info, which he alters to confuse people. He even posts that "some of you have already guessed what's going to happen." That's not speculating. Most likely, he's just making guesses based on info that is out there. Make enough theories, and you're bound to get one or two right. Most of his theories are ridiculously complex and would never be in Marvel films, which to this point have all had rather simple stories. They might get more complex. However, there's a limit to how far they're going to take things and Loki's theories are usually far past those horizons.

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