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Default Re: Official X-Men: Days of Future Past Images Thread

Originally Posted by psylockolussus View Post
Well we still don't know which team Bingbing, Sy and Booboo are in. What if they are all X-Men members in the 70s.

Fair enough, we don't know which team those actor will be on, but I'm working on the assumption (and the hope) that they're not X-Men members in the 70s.

EDIT: I'm actually pretty certain that Omar Sy will not be a member of the X-Men since I don't see him saying much given that his English is so poor, so I see him as a silent henchman of Magneto's. I also have a feeling that Blink is a substitute for Azazel since Flemying doesn't want to return. It could be one of the many rewrites done to the script.

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