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Default Re: The Joker (The Dark Knight) vs. Bane (TDKR)

After seeing the last page or two, I just asked my self, "Batman Forever Riddler" or "TDKR Bane".

I'd probably go with Riddler. Yeah, he's bad and over the top, but he's more interesting and entertaining. He's also deeper. They really played out that "stalker" characterization with him. He was literally infatuated with Bruce Wayne, trying to go as far as being him. As far as accomplishments go, I'd even say he achieved far more.

Bane just seems like a Joker rip off, and Ra's to some extent. He does similar things to the Joker (actions) but has the same ideals (sort of) and quotes of Ra's. I mean some of the stuff you're mentioning like the Prologue, or blowing up the city or Dagget's head twisting was all there with the Joker, except done better. Compare the Joker heist to Bane on a plane, Joker wins that one. All the damage Joker did in Dark Knight? It easily tops what Bane did on a spectacle level, atleast the Steelers weren't all at the hospital taking up screen time. Gambol, "why so serious" scene? Easily better than Bane tickling Dagget or whatever he was doing.

And Bane better than the comics character? Are you guys serious? The comics version is way more developed, has a moral code and a pretty great origin. Like Joker said, he's a self made man who rose up from nothing. You guys are dissing him because he wanted "to prove himself to Batman"? Atleast Comic Bane's motivation wasn't because of little Talia and being her "protector".

Other than appearance, just compare Comic Bane to TDKR Bane. TDKR Bane? TDKR Bane's is much more compelling? What's there to like that the comic version doesn't have? What makes him better? Hurting Batman's back? Comic Bane did that, actually broke it too. His origin? Comic Bane's is much better and actually quite sad. Being helped escape from Jail by the LoS? Comic Bane escaped himself and the prison was much more dangerous.

Hardy's performance isn't even that great, in my opinion. Anyone could have played the role. Then that voice, I can't believe that's what they went with. Anyone remember the Heinz field recoding, how everyone hated it and said "man, he won't sound like that"? In the end he actually did. LOL

He's pretty good for memes and funny quotes and impersonations but then again, so is Arnold's Mr. Freeze.

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