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Default Re: The ‘Batman’ Casting Thread

Originally Posted by hellblazer103 View Post
i feel like everyone's mainly suggesting christoph waltz as strange because of the beard. not that he'd be a bad choice, he'd be fantastic , but am i the only one who could see him as other villains as well ? joker , perhaps ?

As a German I loved Waltz a long time before he became famous in Hollywood. He could pull off nearly any villain IMHO but he's way too old for playing Joker.
Plus: His Austrian accent would fit that mad psychiatrist scheme of Hugo Strange perfectly. Siegmund Freud was an Austrian also, for example.

In the new movie(s) they could give Hugo Strange an Austrian / German background (with his real name would be Hugo "What-ever-German-name-they-think-of") who is calling himself Hugo Strange after he began working in Gotham.

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