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Default Re: What villain should be pulling Winter Soldier's strings?

Originally Posted by JB-the-Hunter View Post
Here was the report that mentioned Coster-Waldau:

"What we do know is there are two male roles up for grabs. One is an American character and the other is a foreign character, both roles – we cannot stress enough – are physical."

Frank Grillo as Crossbones is, I'm assuming, the American role, and he definitely fits the description of physical. So it seems there's at least one more role yet to be cast.
That was always my understanding, too. They *might* have been simply talking about Toby Jones as Zola, but that seems unlikely, since Zola's role wouldn't likely be "up for grabs" --- it rightly belongs to Jones.

So if there's a foreign (I read other reports that specifically said "European") character still "up for grabs," then that's probably your actual string-puller right there. Zemo, Lukin, Faustus, Strucker....all likely targets for someone like Coster-Waldau. I'm still betting NCW *has* been cast for one of those, and it's still under wraps for the next few weeks or so.

How late into shooting did we find out, finally, that Mandarin was actually in IM3?


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