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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
He doesn't connect directly but he's the type of big villain that can bring the X-Men and FF together. Sam summed up his background pretty well.

I don't think this is the point of the thread.
The thread is about finding an obtuse way to connect X-Men and FF in a shared adventure. Thus far, people are mentioning famous X-stories with small nods to the FF to set up Rachel Summers? My point is they do not really narratively have much of a reason to mix. It is, as others have said, Fox wants to cash in on the Avengers $$. If they want to do that, the best way is to expand the X-verse into its own thing that is as big as the MCU. Because in all honesty, nobody is clamoring for an X-Men/Fantastic Four team-up and the idea just seems forced. It may be a business strategy, but that does not make it a smart or automatically successful one. I think it is fair to point out the obvious.

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