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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

The thing with the X-Men is that they are a team of mutants. Since this movie is about time-travel you need the X-Men in the future who will probably be helping out the many other mutants that might be captive and stuff. I doubt every single X-men will get the same amount of time. I even expect some of them to die in the future. That would actually fit one of the themes with this Days of the Future past story. Besides we have already been introduced the most too Wolverine, Storm, future Magneto, future Xavier, Rogue, and Iceman.

I say the main people they will focus on will be both Professor Xaviers and Magnetos. Then you have who ever will be traveling or warning the past cast. Plus also the main villain. Also Jennifer Lawrences mystique will likely appear in both the future and past. After all she never ages and she will probably get some good amount of time.

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