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Default Re: Official ALL-NEW X-MEN Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Lunar_Wolf View Post
I loved Ice-Man and Kitty make fun of Cap and Beast haha.
I loved it! Those two are great I was hoping it was going to go on longer lol!

Originally Posted by Snikt8 View Post
So does anyone really feel that they will reset the Marvel Universe? I would hate it if they did....but they could use this series as a start. Sending the Original X-Men to our time could have jacked everything up.....and give them an out to write out what we have known.....
Although the New 52 has brought of cool new stuff and ideas to the DC universe, I would be upset if Marvel did something like that. What I like about Marvel NOW is that isn't a reboot of continuity. I love the fact Marvel has never done a full reset. I was reading the Spider-Man Big Time Ultimate Collection the other day and just smiled HUGE when there was a flashback to the Lee and Dikto Spidey era with artwork and all. And a nice FF flashback too!

Continuity is awesome.

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