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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

it's obvious Rogue/Iceman are taking the Franklin/Racheal part.
I think Magneto's role in the future will be expanded on because we don't know what become of him in the comic.
hopefully Colossus/Kitty's relationship factors into the movie story.
We all know Storm has a part to play.
The questionable roles are older Charles, Logan, and (supposedly) Blink.
I wouldn't be surpised if only some of the X-Men were imprisoned in camps, while perhaps Logan formed a new team of X-Men in the future, working from the outside ala W&tXmen cartoon did & perhaps Blink & Bishop are those new X-Men (if these roles turn out to be true).
I also think we may get two time travelers preferbaly one female and one male. Maybe future Charles helps Blink telepathically focus her mind to expand her powers so she is able to open a "dimensional rift" in the fabric of time and space.

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