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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kaleb View Post
problem is that they're generally very slow with updates.
i think that used to be the case.

they've improved quite a bit; i think the tl is getting jelly bean now. also, even though the xperia z was shipped with 4.1 jb, an update is already going to come out by the end of the month apparently.

i think sony's UI is the cleanest, by far of the oem's, and in many senses, the little additions to stock are an improvement. samsung has a ton of features but at least half of them are pretty useless, and touchwiz is pretty hideous. the new sense 5 isn't as ugly, but the blinkfeed is just useless and their button layout is ridiculous. if i get the z, i doubt i'll have to do much besides swapping out the icons; with touchwiz or sense 5, i'll have to do quite a bit with nova launcher.

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