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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by BatLobsterRises View Post
Nolan hate is overrated .
Oh, I know, and you hardly hear it on here., numerous other forums I've checked on as a guest at times...the Nolan hate is mind boggling.

Originally Posted by milost View Post
Uhhhh, yeah, that's nothing to be too proud of. LOL

The TDKR section has what? 8 to 9 of the same members dabbling in the same old discussion on a movie where the dust has settled, sides have been taken and there isn't much to discuss other than "is it good or bad". This place is pretty much dead. It's done, 2012 is over, the blu ray release came and went. No oscars.
Same members? You're new. And so is...I believe his name to be mandisab or something(sorry if I'm wrong). New members still show up, so yes, it IS something to be proud of when people can have some refreshing discussions at times.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 section though? Of course there will be tons of activity, people are hyped for the new film. There's going to be more activity, more speculation, more discussion and more fights.
Except it's not "hype" these days. It's over the top TAS-M fans calling out others, such as me, as "nitpicking" when it's not the case. It'll be hype when some real news starts showing besides set photos of a Shailene Woodley without makeup and posters saying she's not perfect to be MJ. Now those people should be condemned for actually nitpicking.

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