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Default Re: What did Dr. Pavel do after the plane crash?

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post

Same members? You're new. And so is...I believe his name to be mandisab or something(sorry if I'm wrong). New members still show up, so yes, it IS something to be proud of when people can have some refreshing discussions at times.
Yeah, same members. Sure, there might be a few guys like me that just came in from lurking around for months, years, but it's pretty much the same old stuff.

The discussions, while interesting and fun, haven't really evolved into anything mind blowing though. It basically "I like this, here's why", "I don't like this, here's why", "gonna make a poll now that will be lost in the boards in a few weeks".

It's certainly not as insane as it was with a bunch of rude, crazy members like it was in 2011 with the "hey guys, I just saw this trailer at the theater I work at, here's what happened, here's a picture of a family that was there". Those times where there were hundreds and hundreds of people in one section with the threads rapidly dying and being created by the thread manager? Those days are gone.

Originally Posted by Anno_Domini View Post
Except it's not "hype" these days. It's over the top TAS-M fans calling out others, such as me, as "nitpicking" when it's not the case. It'll be hype when some real news starts showing besides set photos of a Shailene Woodley without makeup and posters saying she's not perfect to be MJ. Now those people should be condemned for actually nitpicking.

Same stuff happened with TDKR, fans calling each other out, people losing their **** over "Blake is just a cop", "Robin", "Talia", "8 years" or seeing pics of the Bat and Tumbler's covered up on a high way. It's the same deal.

Only difference is, TDKR is at the end of it's life cycle (it barely has a pulse) and the Amazing Spider-Man 2 is at the very start of it's life cycle with years worth of discussion, hype, fun and conflict to get fan's juices flowing.

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