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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Trainwreck2100 View Post
There are post google purchase phones, but those phones were in the pipeline pregoogle purchase. Which explains why they went with LG for the Nexus 4. I don't want a google nexus phone though (which is basically a everyman cheap quality phone) I want google to make a flashier higher end phone. I read an article, don't remember if it was here, that Samsung's cornering of the Android market could hurt google if Sammy tries to release their own version of it like Amazon did with their kindle line.
I read that on PhoneArena. I also read a similar article about the possibility of Samsung abandoning Android for Tizen and how that could do damage as well.

Originally Posted by The Riddler View Post
if all are available on at&t...

i'd go:
1. xperia z
2. samsung gs4
3. htc one

the moto x phone is probably not coming out for a long while.
Read an article hinting the Moto X would most likely be heading out this summer probably September.

Originally Posted by The Riddler View Post
i think that used to be the case.

they've improved quite a bit; i think the tl is getting jelly bean now. also, even though the xperia z was shipped with 4.1 jb, an update is already going to come out by the end of the month apparently.

i think sony's UI is the cleanest, by far of the oem's, and in many senses, the little additions to stock are an improvement. samsung has a ton of features but at least half of them are pretty useless, and touchwiz is pretty hideous. the new sense 5 isn't as ugly, but the blinkfeed is just useless and their button layout is ridiculous. if i get the z, i doubt i'll have to do much besides swapping out the icons; with touchwiz or sense 5, i'll have to do quite a bit with nova launcher.
The only problem I have with the Z is the display and call quality. These two are major importances in a touchscreen-based smartPHONE.

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