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Default Re: Who would you let Joss Whedon kill in Avengers 2?

I think...I wouldn't mind if Whedon killed off Iron Man in the film. Honestly, it would be the most shocking thing and also make the most sense from a literary point of view as his death had already been foreshadowed in The Avengers, and to have that carry over into The Avengers 2 would be a beautiful thing. It would also give them a legit explanation as to what Tony is doing during Phase 3 (ie being dead), since I don't think a fourth Iron Man movie is in the cards for it, whether the third film is a billion hitter or not.

They can revive him in Avengers 3 and bring the story full circle. It would be sort of like Spock's death in Wrath of Khan.

Originally Posted by Scarilian View Post
Iron Man and possibly either Black Widow or Hawkeye.

Iron Man will likely not get a fourth movie anyway - unless the third breaks box office records.

Hawkeye was not really accepted by fans and the actor disliked the role, so kill him off and do a spin-off film showing his backstory with Black Widow.

Black Widow has'nt really done much other than help introduce us to other characters - other than being eye candy she will likely be killed off at some point.
Jeremy Renner had no problem with the role and he liked the character, he just didn't like the fact that he wasn't able to play the character he signed on for in the first movie.

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