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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
Read an article hinting the Moto X would most likely be heading out this summer probably September.

The only problem I have with the Z is the display and call quality. These two are major importances in a touchscreen-based smartPHONE.
apparently the x phone won't be as ground breaking as rumors were suggesting. also, i doubt it comes out in the summer; far too soon from what google has been saying, but we'll see.

also, the xperia z's screen is great except for viewing angles. viewing angles is a non-issue to me since i look at my phone straight on (as i assume almost everyone does). also, i haven't heard that the call quality was an issue at all. in fact, reviews have suggested it's pretty strong in that area. i'd assume any variation may be based on signal strength rather than the phone.

also, i'd probably get either the z or the zl. the zl is actually a better phone overall (dedicated camera button, much shorter, sweet notification light, slightly larger battery, screen calibration, more comfortable in hand) but the z is sexier and waterproof. either way, if at&t picks one of them up, i'll probably lean towards choosing it though i would like to test out the s4 before i make a final decision.

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