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Default Re: What if Avengers 2 was split between 3 Movies?

Originally Posted by Artistsean View Post
The idea reminds me of how they set up the merging and crossing over of the other films. How we got Iron Man, then Thor, then Captain America and Iron Man 2, then the Avengers. Imagine if the concept of the Thanos threat was stretched over several movies (not just Avengers) but in GOTG, Avengers 2, and another. Making the world seem connected, and bringing back that excitement that got fans buying so many movie tickets. You know the studio wants to recreate that buzz.
You've got to get fans to fall in love with Thanos as a villain first. At this point, general audiences *still* don't know Thanos from a hole in the wall, nor does anyone know who the actor will be, nor if said actor will "bring it," nor if audiences will even give a damn about the villain. At this point, the only Marvel Studios villain who's ever generated any kind of fanbase is Loki. Marvel isn't going to start gambling multiple films on a villain, let alone a villain who hasn't even been audience-tested yet.


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