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Originally Posted by DKDetective View Post
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I think these two shots show pretty clearly that the suit mimics Henry's physique pretty closely, but that there is a little bit of well-placed padding to prevent the tight suit from compressing Cavill's body and reducing the visibility of his hardwork. Ironically, given how small the size difference is, if as Poni Boy suggests the suit material is really thick that actually undermines his argument about padding. It would suggest that there is less padding that he is asserting.
I recall a shot in S-M2 where it seemed obvious that Maguire’s outfit had some overall thickness (similar to a wetsuit) - which would have augmented his apparent size. But in the photo of Cavill you posted, you can see a few wrinkles near the shoulder and throat. (Even the chest shield has a wrinkle.) So I’m guessing that the suit material is comparatively thin.

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