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Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Reeve put on weight? he wouldn't have to. He was already a massive guy, he just didn't have a suit that accentuated and added on to his musculature.
True, I didn't say he didn't have mass, but honestly I'm not that impressed by his physique with the suit on, than I am with Cavill's with is shirt off.

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Again cavill for all his work wouldn't look nearly the same had he had to wear the suit that reeve did and it's debatable whether he'd look as good as reeve did in it?
I pretty much agree. But as we know, Cavill did try on the Reeve suit for the auditioning, and as I recall "nobody laughed", and his appearance in it was a factor in the decision to cast him as Superman. I wish we could've seen it as well.

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
He had a great base to start from however (arguably better than cavil's). He had naturally very broad shoulders something that you have to be born with.
This is extremely debatable. Cavill has a great build too, and great genetics. He has a fantastic frame, and being a shorter guy than Reeve, it's naturally easier to fill it in and look bigger. I haven't seen any photos of Reeve shirtless to be able to judge it, apart from this one:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

But I think this is not a good example to comment on his physique for Superman. It's obvious that he did put on mass, and being a tall guy he looks massive, but I'm still not as impressed by him than I am with Cavill.

Originally Posted by nouan View Post
It's funny how conversation seem to rotate on these boards. Like this padding issue. I think it was agreed early on that the suit's padding is minimal, since this picture was one of the first ones we saw:
Agreed. That was my point.

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