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Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Urmm.. I think Bruce Malone is taling about the frame (Bone structure, wide shoulders).

Reeve arguably had the best and biggest frame regardless of muscle mass he had.

In terms of frame size -

Chris reeve > Tom welling > Routh > Cavill.

Cavill has great genetics and muscles but he has average frame.
Well I guess it really is up to what you prefer in terms of looks and overall structure. As I said, I don't really care about height, and it is not something you can correct (well you can in a way, but that's a different story). How one physically prepares for a role and the final result is what I'm most interested in.

As I said, I'd prefer to have a more muscular and defined Superman, and as far as that go, I'm most impressed with Cavill. He's lean, has great delt separation, big arms, wide back, wide shoulders, etc.

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