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Default Re: Thor 2 Dark World news, speculation and pictures possible Spoilers - Part

The briefcase will be exactly what it was before, with the only exception being the IM3 and TDW footage which I bet will turn out to be barely anything other than what we've seen. The TDW stuff will probably be the trailer we get online the same day or shortly there after. The only way I will spend the money is if I could see the in depth details of what is included. I'm really curious if the never before seen deleted scenes are worth while. Sorry to be negative. I just don't like the strategy of withholding footage to profit in the future. There's plenty of stuff coming in Phase 2...more than enough to make profit. Extra Avengers footage will be a foregone conclusion by then. And by that time it would cost a fortune or be the expectation that people would just buy the same product again for a few minutes of extras. Who wants to waste time trying to re sell discs and convince people to invest if there is a better version for a little more money.

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