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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
one of the things Im more interested in, regarding the action, is to watch a few shots where two/three x-men are fighting at the same time.

I mean, an action sequence with more than 30 seconds where the camera shows a big set and three individual fights taking place at the same time, with the camera moving from one character to the other with no cut.

you know, what Joss did with Avengers final battle, showing Cap and Thor fighting back to back, then the camera moving to Ironman flying in the air, then Hulk suddenly appears, then Black Widow....

that is something Fox has yet to do, and this sequel is the RIGHT moment. We need to see how badass and effective these x-men characters are, so.... Lets Show them fighting for their lifes!! damm
I agree the X-men do need an Avengers like fighting scene. Would be cool to see Wolverine and Colossus fight and tag team then storm comes flying in to shock some robots or other mutant. Also I am really interested in a Rogue action scene, she never got one in the 3 xmen movies, so I want to see Rogue finally using her powers to her full ability. They made her seem that her powers are not good for combat in the first few movies, but her powers can be deadly since she can absorb many abilities and use them to her advantage.

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