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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Would you test a serum on the dudes in Guantanamo that could potentially make them super strong or whatever? Someone didn't think this through all the way.

Experimenting on a convicted criminal, where the outcome could lead to them becoming powerful and uncontrollable, is dumb, not to mention experimenting on convicted criminals is illegal. You're telling me you couldn't find a volunteer without a criminal record?

How Blonsky got his powers is more in line with how the government would go about testing serums on people; find a volunteer or a Cap. The problem with Blonsky is they didn't do a psych evaluation on him to understand what they were doing to his head. Then he got all mixed up turning him into Abomination...a monster...which wasn't exactly the government's fault.

Banner didn't follow the same process and, naturally, got a different result. Yes, he was attempting to recreate the super-soldier serum but he failed, ultimately creating an uncontrollable monster.

As I understand it, Red Skull used the serum before it was perfected and ended up looking like he does...a monster.

We will see if Bucky gets some version of super-soldier serum in the film. My understanding was that he doesn't but then I can plead ignorance on the subject. We'll see how it plays out in the MCU.

Cap is the only one who got the desired effects. His mind is right and he is awesome. Having Cage go through the same program and end up stronger and more indestructable would make Cap look weaker. Yes, Cap has training but that is a learned skill, one that Cage could learn too.

Thor is a God and not part of the super-soldier experiments. He doesn't belong in this comparison. This is not just comparing who is stronger but rather the results of the Super-Soldier experiments. Hulk is stronger than Cap but he is also uncontrollable. Cap has no downside unlike everyone else who has unergone the experiment.

Everyone who has done the experiment has turned into a monster except for Cap. Experimenting on another and not having him turn into a monster would tarnish the "perfection" that they achieved with Cap. If Cage looked or acted like a monster then I wouldn't say anything, but he looks and acts normal which, I believe, diminishes Cap. (Saying Cap would be a joke was too harsh)

Testing on prisoners, regardless of that being the comic origin or not, is still dumb for all the obvious reasons.

Thanks for the conversation.

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