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Default Re: Kevin Feige says no to another Hulk Movie.

Marvel have already planned out Phase 2, which they had been working on throughout Phase 1, and will end with Avengers 2.

Phase 3 will be the same: they will plan that out while Phase 2 progresses, influenced on how well the films do (ie: There was no Hulk 2 for Phase 2 because TIH didn't do as well as they had hoped).

I would think they are aiming to have Hulk in another solo film for Phase 3, but they won't confirm anything this far out.

By the time they do go ahead with another one, with ILM now under Disney's wing too, I figure they might (finally) go for a more comic accurate balance and personality for the big guy.

I'm at least hopeful they will have finally accepted the old tv show formula should be thrown out once and for all. If that glaringly obvious flaw in approach has not sunk in and they re-regurgitate that tired old formula yet again, then I'll say now it will not fair much better than the previous efforts. It had it's day over 30 years ago. Long overdue they let that one go ffs.

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