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Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
Dang what cinema is that? Those be some nice seats!
Bristol Showcase Cinema de Lux. It is a really nice cinema, much better than the other option in town which is an odeon. They do hot food, the seats rock back and forth and the sound is great. Of course, it's expensive - about 9 quid a ticket - but if you get a members card (for free) you get tickets for a fiver on sun/mon/tues and special members preview screenings and stuff.

Oh and they have a special Director's Hall that's even fancier. The chairs are even bigger and have a little table bit attached, you go into a special directors longue before the movie and get greeted with a little box of chocolates and can get cocktails at the bar and take them in with you. Tickets for those showings are about 15 quid, but once in a while it's fun. I did that for Skyfall and they had a free Martini on entry, was awesome

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
I definitely get what you mean. Of course, not to get back on this subject, but now I'd be afraid to sit THAT close up to the exit/entrance. That is just how I think now when I enter a theater.
I'm way to naively optimistic to think anything bad will happen to me. And I kind of prefer being that ignorant. If it is going to happen, it'll happen, no point worrying about it!

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