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Originally Posted by I SEE SPIDEY View Post
I like some audience interaction while watching these blockbuster films. I don't like a **** load of distractions but some are fine.

Examples; I hate texters, crying babies, non directors commentary throughout the entire damn film. And people who constantly get up.

I love laughing at humorous parts, moderate cheering during action scenes and leaning over and whispering to my sister about how hot an actor is and other silly observations. I do hate constant whispering to me though, I mean how am I supposed to watch the ****ing movie?
I hate teenagers who have already seen the film and tease upcoming moments, spoiling the **** out of every cool scene, or recite lines before/during/after they have been spoken. Babies should NOT be allowed in, period. I also hate to go with a bunch of fellas who always ask me questions throughout the movie (especially if it's a superhero movie), and turn their head and look at me while they do it, while they miss out important scenes and moments. On that note, I hate listening to people explain something to others out loud during the movie.

I love people cheering on cool moments, like Batman ejecting from the Tumbler with the Batpod in TDK, or Hulk smashing the **** out of everything in The Avengers. I also love to hear when people laugh, gasp, or make an exclamation about something "geeky" that not everyone in the audience will get. It's cool to know you're not the only one who got that easter egg.

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