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Originally Posted by Sharkboy View Post
I don't know how it is in the states, but in the UK (especially in the southern part) people are generally well behaved in the cinema, not making too much of a noise (unless ier t's a comedy or a kids film) I tend to go at the earliest screening on my own for films that i really want to see. Then I go later in the night or the next night with a group of friends at a packed screening. It's very dependent on the movie...but that's definitely what i want for MOS. I just want to be as alone with my thoughts as possible without subconsciously worrying if my friends like the film or not.
Funny enough I've seen theaters now cracking down on it immensely here in the States. Especially for sold out/full shows. A guy will come up and say "no messing around or we will throw you out". And I've noticed in the past year, it has gone down a lot in terms of annoying people or talking people in theaters, not completely but enough. Because I remember as a kid, there was never the amount of annoyance in a theater as there has been in the past 10 years. Texting, and people thinking they have a right to comment on a film loudly to try to get laughs.

But I've noticed a change, I think theaters are cracking down on it, and I hope they do it more so.

I too like audience participation but there is a limit that many break with that. But if you get the right amount of audience participation it really can enhance the film. So I'm sure with MOS a guy will come out where I 'm at and tell people not to mess around. And hopefully MOS will have a great crowd to watch it with.

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