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Default Re: Powers Display/Action sequences on the sequel

I need to see Ice Man traveling on his ice slides this time. It would also be cool to see him transporting other people on one.

Colossus dropping from the X-Jet as he armors up and cannonballs straight through the body of a Sentinel below. The wrecked Sentinel explodes from the blow and Colossus walks out from the flames in his armored form.

Beast acrobatically dodging blasts as he swings from Sentinel to Sentinel, causing them to destroy themselves in their chase.

A Sentinel has one of the mutants in a tight grip, and Kitty phases through it from behind, grabs the mutant, then phases out of the Sentinel's hand and into the ground. She would then rise from the ground with the mutant, distant from the Sentinel.

Magneto tearing through Sentinels as he hovers over the ground.

Magneto hurling Colossus and/or Wolverine towards a Sentinel.

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