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Default Re: Does this movie have too many characters?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
me either.

They had cool powers and served their purpose. Some fans just seem to hate seeing less known mutants. I get the point, but... you know, enjoy the movie and characters for what they are and not for what YOU want.

We're gonna have many more x-men movies, so lets have patience and enjoy the journey
That's not necessarily true. For an original 5 X-man, Iceman is not very popular. I actually quite hate the character from the comics. And Pyro has fewer fans still. Definitely fewer than those of Havok and Banshee.

And yet the scenes those 2 shared with Rogue in X2 made a great film all the more rewatchable.

For me, if they just focused on Xavier and Magneto's relationship and falling out in FC and, since they couldn't get Cyclops, Storm and Jean in the film, just excluded a First Class of students altogether, it would've been a much better flick. Afterall, the reviews for that film have gushed over X and Mags, the chemistry of the two lead actors, and have suggested that the film reaches a lower quality when the rest of the team is shown.

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