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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Clearly you do not like my idea at all. Thats fine. You don't have to. There is no need at all to get aggressive with your aversion to my ideas. I like it. I
just wanted to present my ideas. And like you said you don't read comics. And just in case I wasn't clear enough, below I will elaborate on my ideas.

Thanks Ant-manic, cherokeesam, raincrusher for liking my ideas. Not saying they are right, just that it helps keep things connected. I would have it be like in the Ultimate comics, with the Super Soldier Arms Race and even have Spider-Man and Green Goblin connected to the Serum if they were part of the Marvel movie universe.

Originally Posted by InternetPeople View Post
Would you test a serum on the dudes in Guantanamo that could potentially make them super strong or whatever? Someone didn't think this through all the way.

Experimenting on a convicted criminal, where the outcome could lead to them becoming powerful and uncontrollable, is dumb, not to mention experimenting on convicted criminals is illegal. You're telling me you couldn't find a volunteer without a criminal record?

How Blonsky got his powers is more in line with how the government would go about testing serums on people; find a volunteer or a Cap. The problem with Blonsky is they didn't do a psych evaluation on him to understand what they were doing to his head. Then he got all mixed up turning him into Abomination...a monster...which wasn't exactly the government's fault.

Banner didn't follow the same process and, naturally, got a different result. Yes, he was attempting to recreate the super-soldier serum but he failed, ultimately creating an uncontrollable monster.

As I understand it, Red Skull used the serum before it was perfected and ended up looking like he does...a monster.

We will see if Bucky gets some version of super-soldier serum in the film. My understanding was that he doesn't but then I can plead ignorance on the subject. We'll see how it plays out in the MCU.

Cap is the only one who got the desired effects. His mind is right and he is awesome. Having Cage go through the same program and end up stronger and more indestructable would make Cap look weaker. Yes, Cap has training but that is a learned skill, one that Cage could learn too.

Thor is a God and not part of the super-soldier experiments. He doesn't belong in this comparison. This is not just comparing who is stronger but rather the results of the Super-Soldier experiments. Hulk is stronger than Cap but he is also uncontrollable. Cap has no downside unlike everyone else who has unergone the experiment.

Everyone who has done the experiment has turned into a monster except for Cap. Experimenting on another and not having him turn into a monster would tarnish the "perfection" that they achieved with Cap. If Cage looked or acted like a monster then I wouldn't say anything, but he looks and acts normal which, I believe, diminishes Cap. (Saying Cap would be a joke was too harsh)

Testing on prisoners, regardless of that being the comic origin or not, is still dumb for all the obvious reasons.

Thanks for the conversation.
Luke Cage, wrongly convicted and unjustly imprisoned, was altered in a failed
prison experiment that granted him bulletproof skin and super-human strength.
Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Its also been done in the X-Statix comic with the Bush Rangers:

Criminals experimented on and the few survivors mutated into super monster criminals.

The concept of experimenting on prisoners is his origin. So either they use it and keep
it similar to the comic or they change it and make it different and perhaps upset some
fans. But the idea of experimenting on criminals with the super soldier serum could
easily be explained. In the comics, Ultimates at least, SHIELD had experimented on
several test groups of SHIELD agents and all of them died, group after group of like 20
men, all dead because of the serum. Banner (in the Ultimates, which it seems
Avengers is going with) accidentally became the Hulk because of a similar Super
Soldier experiment. But they could easily explain that they didn't want to continue to
kill soldiers so they started experimenting on criminals. And it can be shown that they
took every foreseeable precaution in case he did become strong and powerful. With
guards, locking his amrs and legs down, gas, etc. Just like the cell they created for
Loki. But when the experiment went wrong those precautions didn't help.
If its Hydra or AIM doing it it could be explained as they don't care about the morals,
and they can't do the experiments legally so they took over a prison for the test
subjects, who they would kill anyway even if it worked.
If it was SHIELD, they maybe picked men from Death row who they knew were good
men, maybe men who they could tell would be good guys but were convicted and this
was their only way out or something.
I don't know, I am not writing a whole script here. Just coming up with some ideas.
The results wouldn't be the exact results that happened to Captain America, Cage
wouldn't increase in mass like Steve, and he wouldn't have developed anything but
strength and bullet proof skin. No increased agility, speed, increased brain power
(which I think Cap has that allows him to think faster), and no military training.

Either way, its just my idea of how to keep the Marvel universe from getting over
blown, like how Hulk is connected to the Super Soldier Serum instead of a gamma
radiation experiment, while still keeping Cage's origin from the comic intact.
An alternative is that he was never a criminal, but some might feel its important to his
character that he be a wrongfully convicted man who is nearly killed but turns into a
Another, keeping his origin exactly the same as the comic, have him be a criminal
experimented on, but have the experiment have NOTHING to do with the Super Soldier
Serum and expand the Marvel world a little with another random experiment leading to
a superhero by accident.

The comic facts are, Cage was a wrongfully convicted man, prisoner experimented on,
turned into a superhero. He was given bullet proof skin, and super strength.

Cap is a man who, because of the super soldier serum, was turned into a man at
the peak of everything. He is as strong, as fast, and agile, as a human can possibly

Hulk is a seemingly unstoppable, super strong, bullet proof, monster created (in the
movie) by the super soldier serum experiments.

Oh, and the director on the Cap commentary pointed out that Zemo did experiment on Bucky.

Super Soldier Serum --> Red Skull --> Captain Amereica --> Hulk and Winter Soldier -->and maybe Cage, Spider-man, and Green Goblin

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