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Default Re: Luke Cage introduced in Avengers 2, Hulk blasted into space

Wrongfully convicted or not does not matter (It's not obvious someone is wrongfully convicted until they are set free anyway. It would be coincidental that you would be experimenting on a guy who happens to be innocent. If you ask them, they're all innocent, right?). For the same reasons you would not give a prisoner a gun, you would not give a prisoner super powers. There is a fundamental problem with logic here that cannot be "easily explained" to anyone with a working brain (which admittedly, are very few people).

"But they could easily explain that they didn't want to continue to kill soldiers so they started experimenting on criminals. And it can be shown that they took every foreseeable precaution in case he did become strong and powerful. With guards, locking his arms and legs down, gas, etc. Just like the cell they created for Loki. But when the experiment went wrong those precautions didn't help."

Well, duh. These problems are forseeable, as I have been saying. It's painfully obvious that experimenting on prisoners or those of questionable mental fortitude, will only lead to bad outcomes...besides being ILLEGAL under both national and international law. A group like AIM (like they are doing with extremis) or HYDRA (like they apparently did with Bucky and I wil assume others) makes more sense that an "upstanding" institution conducting those experiments. No matter what, the organization that is conducting these experiments are driving for a particular outcome, meaning they will want to control the individual receiving whatever it is that is happening to them.

I think Death Row is probably the worst place to find "good people." I'm guessing they did something bad, likely very bad, to be put on death row. Just a hunch. The problems arise not if the prisoner dies, but rather if the prisoner LIVES. Whoops!

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