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Default Re: The Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series Discussion Thread

I'm the guy who quit watching after three episodes. My curiosity finally got the best of me and I decided to take a look at the Sinister Six episode. Just a peak. And...yeah. This show still sucks.

Okay, it's not all bad. During 'Spectacular' I started to imagine an episode down the line where Spidey would fight the Six again, but this time he'd bring along some of his friends like Black Cat, Molten Man, and maybe Prowler. So I thought I'd see how 'Ultimate' pulled off that set-up, and we did at least get a fight between Spidey's team and the Six. I got bored with the episode pretty fast (the chibi cutaways persist...), so I fast-forwarded to the fight between the two teams. When the gang arrives, the match-ups fit nicely: The flyers (Nova vs. Beetle), the powerhouses (Power Man vs. Rhino), the animals (White Tiger vs. Kraven) and the energy guys (Iron Fist vs. Electro).

Onto the bad. The theme of the episode, such as it is, appears to be whether Spidey or Doc Ock is the better leader. You know the best way to find that out? WHICH TEAM WINS. It's that simple. But instead, the script tries to find out by showing who can command their lemmings better. Although the fight is going okay, Spidey tries to show off to Ock how he can dish out orders by telling his guys to "switch opponents!" What for? The only reason to do something like that is if your side is losing and you need to trip up the enemy's flow; all Spidey's likely to do is mess up his own guys. And how do these guys know who to switch with? A fight that's going perfectly could have been ruined because Spidey was showing off. And don't they have some team lingo by now? Like why can't Spidey yell "Vatican Cameos" or something so everybody can do what they practiced without the bad guys knowing? The whole fight was just incredibly sloppy and poorly staged. It reminded me of the first season of 'Iron Man' in the 90's, like it was written by a kid. We know that super-hero action can be better than this, we've seen it on a dozen other shows.

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