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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll **NEW**

i think a Dr Strange with an accent is needed, highlights the theatricality of him. and we're overloaded with americans as it is the MCU

how about a British/European Strange
Sacha Baron Cohen
Dave Tennant
Clive Owen

or a Latin/Spanish Strange
Benicio Del Toro
Oscar Issac
Joaquin Phoenix
Antonio Bandaris

not saying set the movie anywhere other than america, just changing where he comes from

Cillian Murphy/Moon KnightMatt Bomer/Nova
Michael C. Hall/DaredevilJeffery Donovan/Bullseye
Alexander Skarsgard/Sentry
Charlie Hunnam/Iron Fist
Hugh Dancy/Mr. FantasticClive Owen/Dr. Strange
Simon Baker/Hank PymJon Hamm/Frank Castle

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