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Default Re: Last Days of Krypton: 100 Day Countdown to Man of Steel!

Originally Posted by Tra-El View Post
I just read this one about 2 weeks ago. Superman: The Man of Steel #91. It's a pretty good single issue when nobody but the diehards were reading Superman back in the late 90's. Found it in the dollar bin.

In a nutshell, this man works in the toy industry and pitch's his new and improved "RISK" type board-game to a higher executive and claims it'll change the world and be the next big thing for kids that will make them think strategically.

He worked so hard on it but his bosses turn his idea down in a laughing manor because they say kids do different things like play video games in a new generation and that board games are a thing of the past.

It makes him snap. He becomes frighteningly paranoid that they are out to steal his idea and kick him to the curb.

When he was making this game, he was convinced Superman was working closely with the boss he hated to frame him and steal his ideas because he remembered the times when he would look out his window in Metropolis and Superman would always be flying by his window and checking out the perimeters and patrolling Metropolis of evil doers.

The man lost his marbles so bad that he thought Superman was stalking him and trying to gather information on his secrets to his board game and use it against him to get rich.

It's a pretty nifty story showing Superman doing everyday things (like stopping a thief from a purse snatching) as a guardian to Metropolis only to see this man's point of view on Superman's actions and how he thinks Supes and his bosses are out to get him. Cool read for sure!
Thanks for posting that

Sounds good, will pick this one up when I get paid

88 days wow and just for the record on the Bizarro's World cover that series was superb.

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