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Default Re: Should Fox pull a "Star Wars" with X3 & Wolverine?

Originally Posted by CrazyDavey View Post
I know a lot of people hate what George Lucas does with the Star Wars films, by adding new details to the films whenever he re-released them, but it got me thinking maybe it would be a smart move to do this to "X-Men: The Last Stand" and "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" because of some of the contradictions with "X-Men: First Class".
I'm mostly refering to the scenes with Xavier standing/walking. Maybe re-film those scene with James McAvoy as Prof. X instead? That way they could try and connect it better with "First Class".

I thought it would be a smart idea anyways, considering most people don't care much for those 2 X-Men films. I figured besides the cameos, X1 and X2 fit nicely with X:FC, so they wouldn't need to be touched on. Only the other 2. Any thoughts?
Yes I had this same thought. Just add Phoenix flames and I'll be happy. I've made an extended cut of X3, bringing the deleted scenes that worked real well back into the picture. It's a bit longer. I was thinking about cutting out the Xavier walking bit and just start with them in the house sitting down.

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