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Default Re: "Romeo & Juliet Return?": The Official Jean Grey/Cyclops Debate

This was posted just today on the imdb boards which has led to great discussion, anybody have the research skills to find these pics .....this could be GREAT and actually mean Cyclops is indeed coming back in a major way.

by SciencefromScratch
1 day ago (Sat Mar 16 2013 10:56:21)
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The last few weeks, there's been a cluster of "concept work" for an X-men film with a post-apocalyptic vibe on both and zbrushcentral. Figured it was just fan work, but it's been pulled, relinked, and pulled again several times since first appearing, which is... strange. Anyways most important things I noticed that haven't been made evident yet were several design iterations for future cyclops, along with a couple 3d models of his visor. Again, it could be nothing, but the fact that it keeps getting taken down, when there is already a massive amount of both fan work and approved concept art posts, it's slightly more than nothing, which, in regards to Cyclops coming back, is more than enough to get me hopeful. Singer and Marsden are friends, and they both know Cyclops was killed because he jumped ship for Superman, so when Singer speaks of "fixing some things" I bet dollars to donuts that's top of the list.

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