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Default Re: The Official Cell Phone Junkies Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by LibidoLoca View Post
It probably won't be groundbreaking. I predict Holiday season, but I've heard a rumor saying around summer. But like you said who knows.

I've read about three reviews for the phone, so I'm no expert on it. The viewing angles are not bothersome as I don't care aswell, but the blacks look a light shade of grey and the colors don't seem to pop to me. As for call quality, sure it does depend on signal strength, I read a review saying the quailty was not that great compared to other flagships, albiet this was before SGS4 and HTC1 were released.
the blacks are definitely not as dark as an amoled screen, but i think a lot of people saying that are looking at the area around the capacitive buttons, which sony has made a dark gray, not black. i think the problem with the screen, for me, is the reflective cover they put on top of their glass that makes is difficult to see in sunlight.

as for the call quality, i've read a ton of reviews and that hasn't been a problem, but i wouldn't be surprised to see some reviewers say so based on their experience.

the one's screen is probably going to be the best, though, similar to how the one x was the best last generation.

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