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Default Re: Fox's Shared Universe

Originally Posted by Marvel View Post
Days of Future Past is Singer pivoting and doing one grand finale for the original cast and handing off the franchise to the next generation in style. The Wolverine is basically going to be stand alone. So, why should they consult or connect anything at this point?
Ummm...because Millar stated many times that "The Wolverine" was "our Iron Man, our kicking off point" and now we know that he had nothing to do with that film, and it's set off in be distant future as a stand alone. On top of that Millar was promoting his role in DOFP as an important step in building a cohesive universe and now we know from Singer that Millar has never spoken to him; and that Singer wants nothing to do with him. That's a pretty significant reason to doubt the viability of Millar's role as Fox's MCU "godfather". Especially since neither Mangold, Singer, nor Trank seem willing or able to perform the role.

I just don't see why anyone would be so optimistic about this working at this point? Seems like a clusterf**** to me!

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