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“There...good as new,” Beast said as he did a once over on the fixing he made for rebuilding Cerebro, whose parts were partially taken by Stryker’s team to construct a second version of the machine many months ago. “Thank you, Hank. You’ve done exceptionally well.” “Not a problem...though I did make a few modifications on it but the moment you put the head gear on, it should work like it never was taken a part in the first place.” “I don’t know how we could have done it without your help.” Together, they left the room and all was silent between them.

“I have to ask, Charles, how is Scott holding up? I mean, after what happened to Jean?” “He’s coping but I do worry about him since he hasn’t been turning up for the majority of the training sessions. I feel that he blames himself too much for Jean’s death when he shouldn’t. He just hasn’t been the same since that day. I hope that he recovers soon. After all, I gave him a leave of absence of his leadership duties, leaving Storm in charge for the time being.” “I sure hope he pulls through. I hate to see my best friend torn up like this for the rest of his life, not that he was my only friend, but Jean was too.” “Yes. And don’t you forget Warren. I, for one am glad he came back to help out with the kids. How could I ever repay you both for pulling everybody together?” Beast looked down at Charles and smiled. “Think nothing of it. You’ve done all you could to help the others through the tough times, but if only we could get through to Scott in some way. Perhaps a little Shakespeare will cheer him up.” Xavier chuckled. “One of these days.”

“Hey Scott...We’ve been looking for you downstairs, you didn’t show,” said Logan as he caught sight of Scott who was about to sneak his way out of the mansion. “What’s it to you, Logan?” “Well, I had to cover your ass for starters when I didn’t have to.” “No one asked you to,” said Scott who started to become annoyed with Logan. “No but the professor did. Look, I understand. When Jean died““Don’t...” “You’re not alone, Scott. We all miss her just as much the same as you but that’s no excuse for missing out on all the training sessions.” “You should talk. You know, everything was fine up until that day I had to save your life. You know nothing about what it’s like to lose someone you’ve cared about for so long.” “So what you’re saying is that Jean’s death is my fault?” Logan growled as he grabbed Scott by the shirt and slammed him into the wall.

The shove made Scott want to remove his shades to blast some sense into Logan but he stopped himself when he noticed they were being watched by some of the youngsters who were passing by them. “Listen, Cyclops! You might believe that I don’t understand what you’re going through when in fact, I do but Jean was nothing more but a friend to me. You deserved her more than anyone in this world ever could. So don’t even think for a second that I know nothing of how you feel when we all lost Jean. I think it’s best for you to move on just like the rest of us have.” He let go of him and relaxed. “Not everyone heals as fast as you do, Logan,” Scott said as he moved away from him. Logan watched him go before he trudged on.

Kitty Pryde stood before the tombstone of Jean Grey, paying her respects when Bobby and Rogue came up beside her. Even though she wasn’t there when Jean had given up her life to save her team mates; it made such an impact on everyone that Jean’s death devastated her the most. Jean was not only a role model to her but she was to those who knew her. Kitty sniffled and placed a flower down before the tombstone. “We’ve been looking for you, Kitty. We thought this was the only place we could find you here,” said Bobby who then stared down at the tombstone. Then he sighed as the memory of Jean came to his mind.

“It won’t be the same without having Ms Grey around here,” he swallowed hard. “What she did for us was the greatest heroic thing anyone else could have done.” “We were there, Bobby but there was nothing neither of us could have done to save her in return,” said Rogue. “Just goes to show that we x-men stick together. No matter what matter what the cost is. Jean made a choice to make sure we got out of there alive, a choice we will never forget through the memories we have of her.” “I just wish...” Kitty tried to say. “I know, Kitty. We all wish the same thing that she still lived but like Rogue said, there was nothing we could have done.” “We’re going to be late for class, come on. Let’s go,” said Rogue and turned back towards the mansion with Bobby who followed suit behind her. Kitty took one last glance at Jean’s tombstone and followed the other two back inside.

“A word with you, Kitty...” Professor Xavier said once everyone had left the room. “Something tells me that you’ve been behind on some of your assignments, which is unusual for you.” “I’m sorry, professor...there’s been a lot on my mind as of late.” “Because of Jean’s death.” Kitty looked up at him and nodded. “Listen, Kitty. You’re not the only one who feels Jean’s death has caused great pain. I want you to understand, that what she did was an act of heroism but it did, however, cost her life dearly when she sacrificed herself. Could we have done more to save her? Yes...but she chose the latter of the choice she made. It was her or all of us.” “I wish there was something I could have done to help if I was there.” “Now, Kitty. I think everyone wishes that but not even I could have been of much use to help her. Getting back to the discussion at hand, I’ll give you an extension on those assignments.” “Thank you professor,” said Kitty and waved goodbye before vanishing through the door. Xavier watched her go and sighed as he was left all alone.

Logan stepped into the kitchen for a soda when Rogue happened to be in there. “Hey, Logan.” “How you doing, kid?” “Alright, I guess. It’s just not the same as it used to be around here.” Opening the bottle of soda, Logan looked at her before taking a sip. “I know what you mean.” Moving to sit down across from her at the table, he took another sip and then settled the bottle down in front of him. “You...uh want to talk about it?” “No. I think I’ve had my fair share of heartbreak for once. Seeing Scott so lost without Jean has put a damper on everything. It’s no wonder he never showed up at all in the danger room. Look, Logan, I know how you felt about her, how close you two have gotten...” “Not that kind of close...but yeah...I remember the first time we met. She was the only one who really warmed up to a friend.” “Have you ever thought that if you could change something of the past, would you?”

Logan stared at her. “If it means seeing Jean again...I would.” “I think we’d all want that...but we can’t always have what we want.” She turned away from him but not without given him a sadden look. “Hey...just remember you’re not alone with how you feel about what happened back at the lake. We saw what happened and yet, there was nothing we could have done more to help her. We all just have to face the facts and accept that she’s gone.” “Have you, Logan? Accepted it?” He looked at her as a wave of emotions ran through him concerning Jean. “Let’s just say...not everyone heals as fast as they would like.” He tilted his head back and took a swig of his soda before taking off.

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