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SHH! Transformers 4 May Feature The Stunticons

Filming for Transformers 4 is set to go in summer 2013 and many fans are curious to see which new autobot and decepticon characters Michael Bay will include in this film. So far with Jack Reynor mentioned as a race car driver when that rumor was denied earlier, chances are that Michael Bay will include the one specified group of decepticons that would fit in the small scale sized film

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

In the original series, the Stunticons were created by the decepticons to help them gain the tactical advantage over the autobots on the ground. It's prime members are:


Dead End

Drag Strip


and Wildrider

together the Stunticons all merge into Menasaur

To find out stay tuned for what vehicles Michael Bay will include on the set in Chicago.

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