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Default Re: The IRON MAN 3 News & Speculation Thread - Part 10

A couple of spoilers here in another Feige interview.

I appreciate you’re having a positive role model, as far as modeling relationships. Is that something you intended from the beginning?
Well, you know, Tony, Pepper, was always the most important relationship to Tony Stark in the comics. That’s not always true with, Clark Kent has Lois Lane, right. That said, a lot of the other characters don’t have that. The Marvel characters sort of do. We do pull it all from the comics and that is what it was. It really was fun to us in the beginning of Iron Man 1. He goes to Vegas, he sleeps with a reporter, to sort of set up that, so that the relationship with Pepper, there’s a flashback at the beginning of [Iron Man 3] with the Rebecca Hall character that shows what Tony was like many years ago, before he became Iron Man. You see a little bit of that playboy. But, the fact is, you always want to remind audiences of that side of him, so you can appreciate how, sort of mature he’s getting. That he’s putting all that aside to be with her. The other thing is, the chemistry between Robert and Gwyneth is spectacular.
On the final battle
There are a lot of suits in this movie. While it is both a movie in which he spends quite a bit of time outside of the suit, as you see it’s not working and he’s- and he’s with Ty in Tennessee, by the end of it we reveal that underneath the house, which is now covered with rubble, he’s got dozens and dozens of suits. And once, throughout the course of the movie, and all that rubble gets pulled aside by construction cranes, just when he needs him, he calls him to the rescue and we have what I think is the biggest most action packed finale we’ve had. I showed the film to Joss Whedon, who is our writer-director of Avengers and who is currently working on Avengers 2, and he saw the finale of this and he goes, now what am I supposed to do now? What am I going to do in Avengers 2?

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