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Default Re: The New Stuff I Got Thread Reboot - Part 2

Originally Posted by Green Scar View Post
Yeah, some of my earliest memories is from Buried Under when my dad took me with him to get his comics, and Brian always treated me excellently and got me to read some really great books.

I live in Manchester and continue to get my books there.
Yeah, the first comic shop I ever went to was Buried under comics when it was in Windsor waaaaay back in the day, before there even was one in Manchester. I've been meaning to make a trip over there, grab some back issues. Last time I was there they had some great stuff. Have they been getting in new figures and stuff lately? Seemed like that wasn't as much of a focus anymore. I haven't been there in a few months. I've been meaning to run in there and grab that Marvel Legends Pyro that's been sitting there forever.

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